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Dangers & Dweomers - House Rules

Wasting time is a thing I do well.

Prior to having kids I wasted time like a pro, not even managing to do the things I really wanted with my time (i.e. designing and playing RPGs).  Objects at rest tend to stay at rest.

These days I have significantly less free time, but manage to pack a bunch more productivity into it.  Still not showing utmost productivity, but an improvement.  The problem now is not the amount of time, so much as other constraints (e.g. stringing small bits of free time into big chunks, the need to be home at night for child-care purposes, meshing free time with friends' schedules).

Not so easy to schedule playing, but plenty of tinkering around with designing gets done.  Still, even designing takes some time when trying to piece together a full game from a lot of small pieces.  So, while Wyrms & Warrens/Crude Simulation Engine is still in the works, I've turned to Luigi Castellani's Dangers & Dweomers (official site w/downloads here) as somethi…