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Gimlet-Eyed Worm

No. Enc.: 1d2
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 60' (20')
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: 1 (puncture)
Damage: 2d6
Save: F6
Morale: 4
Hoard Class: (special)
XP: 820

These large, 30' long worms adhere to the ceiling, and have natural camoflage to blend in to rock surfaces.  Their "head" consists of a large (500gp) diamond where a mouth would normally be, surrounded by a ring of a dozen or so piercingly intelligent eyes.  They will normally not be seen unless someone intentionally looks at the ceiling.

Their presence in dungeon environments, derives from the extreme boredom of their natural place in life (rending rock to make food with their oversized diamond).  They are there for the entertainment.  Watching.  Just watching, with a wry and piercing gaze.

Although they have no natural mode of speach, any method devised to speak with them reveals rapier-like wit and caustic sense of humor.  Although a gimlet-eyed worm will be perfectly happy to converse, adventurers…


Reading the Blood Sorcerers of Paja, in a roundabout way this mention of using human flesh for magic, got my mind meandering back to an old line of text: "Connall took out the brains of the dead king and mixed them with lime to make a sling-stone - such "brain balls," as they were called being accounted the most deadly of missiles.  This ball was laid up in the king's treasure-house..."
 - Celtic Myths and Legends, T. W. Rolleston I've been cludging away at some ritual rules for awhile:  something like spells, but taking more time, consuming more components, etc. but with the advantage of being usable by anyone, and not consuming daily spell reserves.  Anyhoo...
Rituals consume components, and specific components can be tricky to obtain.  Stealing the shadow, cast by moonlight, from the third-left-leg of a man-sized spider, can be an annoyingly specific proposition.  Do such things even exist?  And who knows how tough it is to find some sort of spell or ri…