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Sword +1!

Why do so many +1 magical swords exist:

Roll 1d8:
They were much more powerful swords, but the enchantments have worn thin over the centuries.Many swords become enchanted through use or user.  A warrior of minor renown will eventually find her sword acquires +1 effectiveness.  A sword that has seen a hundred battles in a dozen hands might also become +1.  Greater bloodshed or a more legendary wielder can contribute higher bonuses.In the Elder Wars, 5000 years ago mage-smiths were stamping these things out like hot-cakes for the rank and file.  Things were different back then and the rapid sword-enchanting rituals of that age are now lost.Mages can temporarily enchant a weapon at +1, but every now and then the enchantment sticks and the sword stays +1 indefinitely.It's just the result of certain alchemical minerals infused in the coal or iron from which the sword was made.Weapons from the planes beyond, are often a physical extension of the creatures who wield them.  So the captured…