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This is the short story of how I edited together an system reference document (SRD) of the Generic Old-school Role-playing System (GORE) by Goblinoid Games.
(SRD now found here.  PDF here.)
Took a break from grinding away at Wyrms & Warrens stuff for awhile, and was paging through a copy of Bug Hunters!, a  world-book designed back in the day for TSR's old Amazing Engine.  And the idea of cloned space-marines with the injected personalities of folks back home started sounded pretty damn badass.

Amazing Engine seems to run on a percentile based skills system.  I'm not normally a fan of percentile based systems, but I occasionally get nostalgic for the Elder Gods, and the RPPR folks do make allthatjazz sound damn sexy.  And and in this mood I thought me the following thoughts in approximate order: BRP seems a little less wonky than Amazing Engine.I bet you could convert the skills over without much trouble.Skill based play without inflating hit points or combat level balance…