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Time's Frayed Clue

Unrelated to any other settings or systems mentioned in this blog, this is a reposting of something I wrote back on the Delta Green list.  At the time there was a scenario competition on the Delta Green list.  One of the entries "Double Dog Dare" had to do with an uncontrolled skipping over to parallel timelines.
At around the same time there was some discussion of the problems associated with players having read the book enough that they could guess what mythos beasties they were up against in advance.  Someone suggested, as a possible remedy, partially or entirely changing the names or descriptions of the various entities to throw off well read players.
These two ideas sort of coagulated together in my mind to produce the following:
Appropriating, swapping, and re-inventing the names and qualities of antagonists in games and literature is a fine old tradition.  But mulling over the Agent Nancy discussion along with Jeff's "Double Dog Dare" scenario from the c…

Back to the Stone Age

Just amalgamating a few additional sources on the subject of prehistoric roleplaying accumulating over the past months.

Inuksuk and Inunnguaq - stone markers used by certain Arctic cultures:

"something which acts for or performs the function of a person"

"...from the morphemes inuk ("person") and -suk ("ersatz" or "substitute")"

Re-reading the Scara Brae wikipedia entry I realized that in my youth I'd actually read a story about the place:

The Boy With The Bronze Axe - Middle grade fiction. Was an ok read as I recall. Nothing overwhelmingly inspiring, but did provide a slice of life regarding the place and time.

Land of Nod recently published this blog entry.  A nice addition to the field.

Also, in the comments of Mr. Stater's entry, a commenter named Sean pointed out this article with a police lineup of some of our more interesting hominid kin.