Infravision - A Black Hack Hack

Infravision is the most recent thing I've been working on, a little Black Hack offshoot that diverges heavily in some regards and cribs extensively from a lot of other games I admire.

A bunch of major rules changes from Black Hack, but a lot more minor tinkerings and reskinnings of existing material.  There were a bunch of things I wanted to try out, and as long as changes are being made it might be worthwhile to attach this to something at least slightly different than the standard fantasy setting. Maybe not crazy different to start, but enough that shift expectations.
Differences include, but not limited to:
  • Separate races and classes
  • Standard fantasy races swapped out for whatever others struck my whim at the time:
    • Humans (same ol')
    • Eld - The prigs and sickos you met elsewhere before. Here two distinct metaphysical strains.
    • Mokta - Big, tough, lazy cat-things. Might seem familiar as well.
    • Skulkin - R.O.U.S.s
  • Simplified classes: Warrior/Jack/Mage
  • Reduced Attributes reduced from 6 to 4.
  • Monsters now have stats too. Figured reducing the number of stats makes it easy to pencil them into the margins of old school modules.
  • Each class gets something useful at each level. Theoretically can be multi-classed without too much imbalance.  Mage flexible enough to accommodate various magic user concepts.
  • Success on most rolls is: Attribute+d20 >20 (or higher than opponent Attribute+10).*
  • Spellcasting riffs on 5E Warlock spell style, with significant clarifications in reasoning.
  • Spells borrowed from all over the place. Names and descriptions changed on various whims.
- I'm considering reducing attributes and target values by -10 to simplify the math during play.

Still needs a bit of editing, playtest, and probably revision before I can think seriously about art.  But here are the recent drafts:
Infravision Draft 9 (7/16/17):  PDF - DOCX
Infravision Draft 5   (4/2/17):  PDF - DOCX

Change notes:  Draft 9 brought a bunch of changes. A few of the larger ones include:
  • There is not "To Hit" roll.  Always roll damage for attacks (as per Into the Odd).  This hopefully speeds up combat.
  • Wild Magic works differently.
  • You now have to beat your opponent's DEX+10 to gain initiative.
  • Crit hits and fumbles are determined during initiative.