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Miso-Six System

Folks've recently been putting out a bunch of games based on Norbert G. Matausch's Minimal d6 system. Systems this cool and minimal are essentially an addiction for me. But of course I couldn't leave well enough alone, and had to take a shot at my own hack of the thing:

Miso-Six - Template (docx) Miso-Six - PocketMod Booklet (pdf)
Miso-Six is based as much on Sophia Brandt's Miniso1d6 as on Minimal d6 itself. But should retain rough compatibility with all similar systems.

Thanks also should go out to the creators of the PocketMod creation tool for their handy little application.

Coming soon: Setting booklets for the same.

Starlight: Iron Age OSR - Humors & Bloodletting

After playtesting and tweaking Infravision a few months back, the game finally seemed to be working as quickly and smoothly as I'd hoped. So of course gamer ADD kicked in and I had to do something else.  And over the holidays I got the urge to run a mildly less kitchen-sink game set in the historical Iron Age: Romans adventurers, Mesopotamian artifacts, that sort of thing.
Well, the bones of Infravision seemed a satisfying place to start for another OSR type game, even if a lot of the implied setting details didn't make sense.
The result has been Starlight. Still a work in progress, under periodic revision, but satisfying to my heart as a marginally less gonzo way to throw together a quick, ancient historic game.
Tonight's addition, a couple new skills to replace or supplement magical healing: Humoric Medicine – Balance the body’s vital fluids. One attempt may be made per combat or other instance of injury. On a success the subject gains hp. Failure loses an equal amount:Fr…