Wyrms & Warrens (0E) - Player's Handbook

Wyrms & Warrens is the primary fantasy heartbreaker I've been working on for awhile now, based largely on the Swords & Wizardry SRD with significant modifications.

I've broken it into a Player's Handbook (PHB) and a Warren Keeper's Guide (WKG).  Altough the WKG is still in its infancy, the PHB is more ore less complete and available for download at the links below.

This project is a labor of love, available for free to all for use, modification and critique.

Player's Handbook v0.451 (pdf) (odt) - 8/14/16

Player's Handbook v0.41 (pdf) (odt)
Player's Handbook v0.4 (pdf) (odt)
Player's Handbook v0.3 (pdf) (odt)
Player's Handbook v0.2 (pdf) (odt)
Player's Handbook v0.1 (pdf) (odt)

8/14/16 - Edit:  Table of Contents fixes, typos, formatting, etc.
8/13/16 - Edit:  Major changes to magic systems. Addition of illustrations, etc.
8/10/15 - Edit:  Updated Hurl power to include information about small animals, various corrections proposed by Mr. Grogan, and table of contents.
8/10/15 - Edit:  Changed how ranged attacks into melee work, added Tireless Watchman, indicated armor vs. casting for mages, indicated preparation time for cantrips and orisons, 
8/3/15 - Edit:  Corrected reaction table. Tried to correct formatting issue with Mage class table (v0.3).
7/27/15 - Edit:  Added additional options for Fighters (v0.2).


  1. Hi, good job! Very interesting. As far as I see (and I just perused the file), you're striving to preserve the OD&D feel while adding more "stuff" the characters can do, which is not a bad idea (particularly at the lowest levels). I appreciate the introduction of orisons and cantrips.

    Speaking of that, I noticed a small mistake: on pag. 41, the third column starts like:

    Level 0 (Cantrips)
    Magic-User Cantrips <---- relic from the past ?

    I bet this was a separate list, then you integrated it in the main spell list and forgot to delete the old heading! :)

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  3. Thanks!

    Also, thanks for pointing out the mistake.

    There are a few other issues I've been noticing myself. Nothing like making something public to highlight the glaring errors.

    I based used S&W for the basis of the this because I like it's relative simplicity, incompleteness, and option of modern AC (indirectly also DC). There are other OGL based games out there which could serve as a basis for modifications I was interested in, but the more extensive the existing rules, the more tedious to modify.

    Re: player options - As a player I like to have some interesting choices during character creation. Anecdotally, a lot of players like this. As long as the choices don't slow down character creation too much.


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