Wyrms & Warrens (0E) - Player's Handbook

Wyrms & Warrens is the primary fantasy heartbreaker I've been working on for awhile now, based largely on the Swords & Wizardry SRD with significant modifications.

I've broken it into a Player's Handbook (PHB) and a Warren Keeper's Guide (WKG).  Altough the WKG is still in its infancy, the PHB is more ore less complete and available for download at the links below.

This project is a labor of love, available for free to all for use, modification and critique.

Player's Handbook v0.451 (pdf) (odt) - 8/14/16

Player's Handbook v0.41 (pdf) (odt)
Player's Handbook v0.4 (pdf) (odt)
Player's Handbook v0.3 (pdf) (odt)
Player's Handbook v0.2 (pdf) (odt)
Player's Handbook v0.1 (pdf) (odt)

8/14/16 - Edit:  Table of Contents fixes, typos, formatting, etc.
8/13/16 - Edit:  Major changes to magic systems. Addition of illustrations, etc.
8/10/15 - Edit:  Updated Hurl power to include information about small animals, various corrections proposed by Mr. Grogan, and table of contents.
8/10/15 - Edit:  Changed how ranged attacks into melee work, added Tireless Watchman, indicated armor vs. casting for mages, indicated preparation time for cantrips and orisons, 
8/3/15 - Edit:  Corrected reaction table. Tried to correct formatting issue with Mage class table (v0.3).
7/27/15 - Edit:  Added additional options for Fighters (v0.2).


  1. Hi, good job! Very interesting. As far as I see (and I just perused the file), you're striving to preserve the OD&D feel while adding more "stuff" the characters can do, which is not a bad idea (particularly at the lowest levels). I appreciate the introduction of orisons and cantrips.

    Speaking of that, I noticed a small mistake: on pag. 41, the third column starts like:

    Level 0 (Cantrips)
    Magic-User Cantrips <---- relic from the past ?

    I bet this was a separate list, then you integrated it in the main spell list and forgot to delete the old heading! :)

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  3. Thanks!

    Also, thanks for pointing out the mistake.

    There are a few other issues I've been noticing myself. Nothing like making something public to highlight the glaring errors.

    I based used S&W for the basis of the this because I like it's relative simplicity, incompleteness, and option of modern AC (indirectly also DC). There are other OGL based games out there which could serve as a basis for modifications I was interested in, but the more extensive the existing rules, the more tedious to modify.

    Re: player options - As a player I like to have some interesting choices during character creation. Anecdotally, a lot of players like this. As long as the choices don't slow down character creation too much.

  4. Is there any progress on the Warren Keeper's Guide Peter? Just curious.

  5. Is there any progress on the Warren Keeper's Guide Peter? Just curious.

  6. Hi MalikRešef,

    Unfortunately I have not looked at the Warren Keeper's guide, or looked at this project much in awhile.

    Although I had a lot of fun putting it together, my obsession these days is with even lighter systems it's easier to have players pick up and run quickly (i.e. Infravision (a Black Hack hack) and Miso-Six (a Minimal d6 offshoot)).

    Also, the Warren Keeper's Guide would probably have mainly contained Swords & Wizardry monsters, magic items and GMs advice. I might have tried to make monsters and magic item mechanics more elegant somehow. But as I've never had a lot of clever GMing insights, I'm not sure there's much I could've added there.


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