Starlight: Iron Age OSR - Humors & Bloodletting

After playtesting and tweaking Infravision a few months back, the game finally seemed to be working as quickly and smoothly as I'd hoped. So of course gamer ADD kicked in and I had to do something else.  And over the holidays I got the urge to run a mildly less kitchen-sink game set in the historical Iron Age: Romans adventurers, Mesopotamian artifacts, that sort of thing.

Well, the bones of Infravision seemed a satisfying place to start for another OSR type game, even if a lot of the implied setting details didn't make sense.

The result has been Starlight. Still a work in progress, under periodic revision, but satisfying to my heart as a marginally less gonzo way to throw together a quick, ancient historic game.

Tonight's addition, a couple new skills to replace or supplement magical healing:
  • Humoric Medicine – Balance the body’s vital fluids. One attempt may be made per combat or other instance of injury. On a success the subject gains hp. Failure loses an equal amount:
    • Fresh rations (1d6)
    • Parched rations (1d2)
    • Water (1 hp)
    • Wine (1d4)
    • Herbs (1d8)
  • Leech/Bloodletter – Cures poison or disease at the cost of 1d6 hp. Failure still loses the hp with no cure, though at least the patient feels comfortably drowsy.