For those of you who've stumbled across this blog somehow and aren't aware already, a "Fantasy Heartbreaker", is a home-brewed pen-and-paper role-playing game inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, but which tries to one-up the original in some regard.  The term is generally intended in a negative way, implying a wannabe game that fulfills certain whims of the author but is less playable than the game it is trying to ape.

But it's always been my wont to repair things that don't need fixing.  And as the years go by the urge to really nail down the perfect gritty-yet-high-fantasy game only grows stronger within my breast.  Hence this blog.

Fantasy Heartbreak Workshop is intended to contain musings, mechanics, and links to material I find inspirational.  Heck, one day it might even include examples of actual game play.

And as certainly no man is an island (nor women neither from what I can tell), I'd ask that you please add your thoughts to the mix.