Special maneuvers

Recording couple ideas I had on combat resources and other considerations for mundane combatants, culled from this thread, for future refernce:
In this instance my own sense of verisi-simulat-emersio-reality would be better preserved if these sorts of things (and "sand bagging") got a special label like "tricks" and combatants got a chance to attempt each once per opponent (or per combat if all opponents are observing carefully) without penalty.

Alternately (or additionally) some sort of "heroic exertion" system could be used to track how worn out a character becomes after each physically demanding attempt.

And of course it's all just personal preference, but to me:
Encounter/Dailies say, "You will not succeed at this task if you tried it once"; while increasing difficulty says, "Your chances are pretty slim, but if you think you can pull it off: Shoot the moon!"

And Encounter/Dailies also say, "You can only attempt this once to promote narrative variety and limit unrealistic reuse of abilities"; while having an expended point track says, "You've just backhanded a stone golem across the floor three times now, and earlier you simultaneously defended the mage from five opponents for a full twelve seconds. Truly you are a juggernaut . . . but you are staring to feel it."