Wyrms & Warrens - Centaurs

At the request of one of my players, a new PC race for Wyrms & Warrens:

Ability Score Modifiers: CON +1, WIS -1
Experience Cost: 2 times the standard XP to advance each level.
The typical centaur appears human through the waist and upper body, springing from the shoulders and lower body of a horse, though zebra, goat and cervid morphology is not unheard of. A centaur can move as fast as a horse and carry as much weight, though when undertaking actions with the human portion of their bodies they gain no special strength advantage.
They also gain one of the following abilities:
Paragon – Like Chiron, these centaurs are among the best of their kind, superior even to most humans in their grasp of the arts and sciences. Centaur Paragons lack the WIS -1 penalty and instead gain an INT +1 or WIS +1 bonus.
Charger – Having seen many scuffle, centaurs of this sort have become superior in combat, able to wield a melee attack per round with their front hooves, doing 1d6+1 damage on a successful hit. This attacks comes in addition to those made with conventional weapons.
Lout – Weakness to strong drink is a tragically common affliction among centaurs. However, for some, the imbibing of alcohol facilitates a legendary capacity for destructive and poorly thought out acts. After heavily drinking (at least two gallons of alcohol), these centaurs gain +5 on any roll which involves damage to property, or is ill advised given the laws and social norms of the area. This effect lasts for about an hour, and leads to morose feelings which prevent it's reuse for the next week.
CompanionYou find you work well with the two-foots. Any humanoid you form a special bond of friendship may ride yourback and work in excellent concert with you. In battle this grants you and your companion each +1 to attack and damage when together. For rolls not directly involving causing harm, instead gain +5 if there is a reasonable way you could both work together.
Sign & PortentsThe world is full of mysterious forces and the hints of things to come. The incredulous joke that you're a superstitious grumbler, forever jumping at shadows. The joke will be on them though when next the unseasonal smell of petrichor presages an ambush, as you know it must.
Gain a +2 to any save in a situation you have expressed trepidation over. The bonus arises if you have pointed out the subtle omens (real or imagined) ahead of time, and functions even if the exact danger provese other than you suspected.

Sylvan HuntersYou originate among the wild dwelling centaurs, a people adept with bow and spear. When using spears or any bows except crossbows, you gain +1 to attack and damage rolls.