Space Opera RPGs - Compiled List

Due to discussion on a recent G+ thread, I felt a compulsion to wrack my brains and hard drive to piece together a list of every "Space Opera" role-playing game I could think of. Whether or not many folks find it useful in the long run, I feel some lingering urge has been exorcised through the process.

Games indicated here tend to include one or more of the following elements:

  • Significant part of the action takes place in space.
  • Regular interstellar travel aboard space ships is a key feature.
  • Travel, politics, exploration, war, and/or trade between different planets a key feature.
  • Aliens play a significant part.
Link to the list itself follows:

Space Opera RPGs List


  1. There are quite a few more of these than I realized! I appreciate your reviews/commentary as well.

    1. No problem.

      Although, I'm afraid a lot of comments are kind of vague since I'm only lightly acquainted with them, or it's been awhile since I really looked at them.

      And, although I might sound dismissive of some of it, so often these things are a matter of personal preference. In particular I hate to knock the DIY type "rough" work, since I often like the aesthetic of it and the spirit that went into it, even if it's really not what I'm looking for rules-wise.

  2. Nice list! Thanks for compiling it.

    1. Thanks! Glad you find it of interest. Though admittedly I think one or two more have come out since I compiled it that I haven't gotten around to adding.


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