HexDrive Game Jam - The Astral Navigator's Handbook

The Astral Navigator's Handbook is my completed entry for the HexDrive Zine Jam.

The HexDrive Zine is something being put together by Micah Anderson & Anxiety Wizard. As they described it:
[HexDrive is] about the greatness of spelljammer, and how none of us have read spelljammer ... do not read spelljammer! (if you have, forget everything!)
I'd never gotten involved with these kinds of game jams in the past, but this concept meshed perfectly with some ideas I'd been thinking about for years now, so it seemed like the prefect excuse to get things down in print.  Possibly this is the fastest I've ever written a game supplement from scratch, managing to crank the thing out in two about weeks start to finish.

The Astral Navigator's Handbook is a largely systemless CC-BY licensed supplement intended for use with your preferred fantasy role-playing game.  But unlike Spelljammer, it could be shoehorned into a game of slightly more sci-fi style space opera with only minimal effort.