In the Light of a Ghost Star - Stats & Psionics Expansion

Nate Treme's In the Light of a Ghost Star tabletop RPG is about humans of the far future, whose ancestors fled to Mars during the Sun's red giant phase.  Now that the Sun has entered its white dwarf phase, they return to Earth to scavenge ancient items of interest among the weird things inhabiting the now dark planet.

Since I've been thinking of running this game at some point, I was reading over it the other day and realized two things which seemed to be lacking, so created a supplement of optional rules to cover them:

Social Stat

The game grants three character abilities which are couched as professions but treated as attributes or similar stats:

Fighter - For combat and most other physical feats.

Explorer - Mainly for sneaking and perception.

Scientist - Most other forms of analysis, knowledge and technical expertise.

These seem a fairly elegant combination for each character to have, but the definition was extremely brief in the original documents, and didn't cover social or cultural aspects in any significant way.

The optional rules linked below expand what each stat covers just slightly, and additionally propose a fourth stat:

Emissary - Related to communication, influence, cultural and social insight.


By default In the Light of a Ghost Star does not really cover unusual talents or traits. All characters simply have the same basic stats to varying degrees, as well as whatever special advantages they can gain from items in their possession.

This supplement offers the option of gaining odd powers of mind and body, though always at a price. These powers require purchase of a separate Esper Stat and may arise from different sources such as mutation or ascetic training.

This supplement is CC-BY licensed.

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