Dragon Teeth

Rough draft of a game I've been working on, tentatively named "Dragon Teeth".
This is derived from the Microlite branch of games and is intended to be very vaguely 5E compatible.

Other goals:
  • Fewer classes
  • Instead of 20 levels, just six tiers encompassing common power levels games tend to center on.
  • Warrior (fighter) class is very easy to play without a lot of extra details to keep track of.
  • Expert (rogue) class is a skill monkey.
  • Four magic classes:
    • Adept - Innate magic
    • Mage - Learned/academic magic
    • Invoker - Magic provided by an external patron.
    • Druid - Basically a nature invoker. Slightly different abilities.
  • Spellcasting system largely derived from some experimental 5E ideas on how to make the system more flexible and powerful, yet arduous and difficult to overuse.
  • Part of the idea is also that the system should be simple enough to easily add custom bits.
Initial drafts can be found here: