Magic Item: Magic Beans/Beanstalk

Magic beans are an incursive fae plant.  Grown in the fae realms magic beans produce relatively normal looking plants given the terrain.  However, when planted in the mortal world they sprout into something completely different.

Fae beings can not plant magic beans themselves in the mortal world, and most see no need to, but mortals can.  A mortal planting magic beans in the mortal world grows a magic bean stalk.  A magic bean stalk is a gigantic tangle of vines rising up to the sky where they pierce back into the realms of Faery.

The seed pods grown by a magical beanstalk, are the size of small canoes, with seeds the size of chickens which are quite edible.  Unfortunately only a few are produced per vine, so they do not provide a very sufficient food source for more than a few individuals.  Also the seeds of a magical beanstalk are sterile and will not grow if planted.

Magical beanstalks survive in the mortal realm for only a season before succumbing to whither and rot.  Though massive they can be easily felled with 15 minutes of cutting or hacking at the hands of a mortal.

The Dawn Kingdom views magical beanstalks as potential foothold points for faery incursion.  Magical beanstalks are one of the higher priority plant-based threats that the Woodsmen's Brigades (heavily armed teams of sappers led by knights) were formed to deal with.

The Corvid Empire's stance on magical beanstalks is unclear.  However, the Queen of Ravens is known to have entertained embassies from certain of the Faery realms, so perhaps the Mandarins take a more nuanced approach to such growths.