Owl Light: Appendix N

The Dungeon Masters Guide for the 1st Edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons contained, among many other things, the now famous "Appendix N".  This particular section of appendix contained material which had inspired and shaped Gygax imagination and AD&D.

In a similar spirit writers since occasionally included an Appendix N or equivalent recommendations in their games.  And I figure I'd like to take a crack at this as well.  So the following is an "Appendix N" tailored to the feel of the Owl Light setting.

Books and short stories
Arthur C. Clarke - The Lion of Comarre
Glen Cook - The Black Company series
Lord Dunsany - The King of Elfland's Daughter, also short stories, in particular:  Idle Days on the Yann, How Nuth Would Have Practiced His Arts Upon the Gnoles.
Barbara Hambly - The Sundog series
M. John Harrison - The Pastel City (and other Viriconium stories)
William Hope Hodgeson - The Night Land
Robert E. Howard - The Conan stories
Steven King - The Dark Tower series
Eric Van Lustbader - Sunset Warrior series
George R.R. Martin - Short stories, specifically:  In the House of the Worm and The Stone City.
Andre Norton - Short stories, specifically: Toys of Tamisan
Robert Silverberg - Nightwings
Clark Ashton Smith - Various short stories
Jack Vance - The Dying Earth and The Last Castle
Gene Wolfe - Book of the New Sun and Book of the Long Sun

Circle of Iron

Other RPGs
Gamma World (especially 4th Edition)
Into The Odd
Metal Earth
Metamorphosis Alpha

Podcast Stories
The Veteran
Sir Hereward and Mr. Fitz Go to War Again
On the Human Plan
“I’ll Gnaw Your Bones,” the Manticore Said
A Heretic By Degrees

Video Games
Age of Fable
Armed With Wings and sequals
Moraff's World, etc, etc, etc (if you can get it to work)

Music & Videos
Dungeon Majesty
Elf Core

Thundarr The Barbarian
Ulysses 31