Warrior Feat: Forseen Eventuality

Some of the discussions of "buffing" (i.e. combat preparation effects) for non-magic users in this thread led to the inspiration for this warrior feat:

Foreseen Eventuality - Before a combat or, as a free action on a warrior's turn, the character may state a situation they expect to take place during the coming conflict and the action they wish to take if it does occur.  The warrior then spends a point of reserves to keep a piece of their attention focused on this possible outcome.  However, if the stated outcome does take place then the warrior is able to respond in an instant taking a standard action as a free reflex action.

The warrior's contingent, free reflex action comes at the same time as, or immediately after, the triggering situation (at the warrior's option), but before any other actions in the round.  If the triggering situation occurs at the same time, then neither the warrior nor the trigger interrupt each other.  Both have their normal chances of success, and might end up in both the warrior and an opponent killing each other simultaneously.  A forseen eventuality could also result in the warrior being able to move further away from an area effect on a reflex save without having to spend extra reserves on a movement action.

This ability may be shared with other party members, but each party members if the members discuss the strategy with the warrior before fighting begins and each agrees to an action taken.  The warrior and each participant in a specific foreseen eventuality each spend an action point.  When the eventuality occurs, the warrior gives a signal and all party members gain a free action as they spring into action.  However, only one foreseen eventuality may be physically acted upon in a round by a given character.  So although a warrior may signal to multiple other characters to take their prepared actions in a given circumstance, the warrior may only take one prepared action herself.

The number of foreseen eventualities the warrior can have prepared for at any given time is 1/2 Warrior level (rounded up).